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Our Core

We are an energy-based healing center that focuses on empowering our clients and helping them recover peace.


We currently offer individual and group services for Reiki, meditation, and mindset coaching.

Our Values

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We believe that our inner peace is a calming yet powerful force in our lives. 

We believe in empowering individuals to find their inner peace and calm. 

We believe that community is essential to our healing and continued wellbeing. 


We believe that when these three pillars are combined, we can find a transcendent level of balance in our lives.

Hi, I'm Jen. 

Your Intuitive Energy Practitioner dedicated to pouring my energy into your healing.

I have had a lifelong connection with energy healing and meditation. I started my practice after going through my own set of traumas in life and having to navigate my way toward inner peace and balance. 


Throughout my life, I’ve experienced a number of traumatic experiences. From a car crash to toxic relationships-with loved ones and with myself, therefore I have an ability to empathize with you and empower you along your journey. 


Due to my trauma, I learned to breathe, heal, and be empowered through calm. My mission is to help empower you to find your calm as well. 


My approach to healing is straightforward authenticity encompassed by genuine compassion. By implementing self-care and healing practices in my own life, including reiki, I have achieved a persistent state of being calm. Reiki has completely strengthened my sense of self by aligning my mind, body, and surroundings with the positive energies that are needed to reach my ultimate goal: peace of mind.


I want my clients and my community to achieve this same level of peace. 


I am a Reiki Master Teacher and specialize in energy healing, mindset coaching, and overall personal wellness. I have a background in psychology and am currently pursuing my Master's in Ayurvedic Wellness and Integrative Medicine. I also have extensive experience with Meditation. 


My goal is for each and every person to achieve peace. Thank you for allowing me to be your partner and empower you on your healing journey toward balance, peace, and calm. 

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