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At Being Calm Wellness, we focus on reconnecting by learning from life's lessons.

Inner work is not always easy, but you are definitely worth the journey.


Here at Being Calm Wellness, we believe in a straightforward approach to personal wellness. We use proven methods to help uncover the best version of you. Allow us to guide you along your way to FAASH™ your Self.

FAASH™ stands for Find, Align, Accept, Strengthen, Heal. It is a our unique and supporting approach to help you find inner peace.

A little about Jen

Jennifer, the owner of Being Calm Wellness, is a certified Reiki Master Teacher who specializes in energy healing, mindset coaching, and overall personal wellness. In addition to her background in psychology, she is currently in the process of obtaining her Master’s Degree in Integrative Medicine and Ayurvedic Wellness and has extensive experience with Transcendental Meditation.

Reiki Healing and a wellness approach to life, has allowed her to achieve a persistent state of “being calm;” reconnecting and allowing her to guide her own journey. Reiki has completely strengthened her sense of Self by aligning her mind, body, and surroundings with the positive energies that are needed to reach her ultimate goal: peace of mind.


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