Let's empower your self-recovery journey.

That's right. We said self-recovery. 

We understand how draining and pendulous being a people pleaser, or overthinker, or overachiever (or all three...) can be. But, you know who you really are.

You don't need to dive into self-discovery. You need to recover your essence. Your personal power. We need to recover who you really are and release you from everything that is holding you back.

All of our empowered healings are crafted to guide you along your journey toward self-recovery and inner peace through supportive, peaceful wellness. 

Empowerment Courses

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Overcome What's Been Blocking Your From Healing.

Jennifer designed this 8-week course as a gentle introduction to overcoming the pain, traumas and blocks that lead us into toxic cycles on low self-esteem, unsubstantiated fear, self-sabotage, and more. 

The Seven Vibrations of The Shadow walk through the darkness that is fueled by each imbalanced chakra. At the end of this course, you will have looked within you to find light, healing, and peace. You will be equipped with wellness techniques and self-care tools to maintain your balance as you move forward. 

This course is the first step toward truly understanding your healing journey and finding peace fueled empowerment. 

Personalized Empowerment

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Intuitive Healing Session

These hour-long sessions allow you to take a breath and focus on your what's best for your soul. 

We'll work through understanding and healing your pain points based on what is best suited for you.

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Guided Healing for Groups

For team bonding, retreat, or other group events, the Guided Healing for Groups is an intimate time to connect and set intentions that can elevate each individual.  

Not Sure What You Need?

Book an Empowerment Call to start your healing journey with foucs.

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A full metamorphosis.

Coming Soon...

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The FAASH™ program is an in-depth, raw, and guided metamorphosis. Through profound meditations, mindful exploration, and deep reflection, you will be able to:

🦋 Find the root causes behind your feelings and behaviors that lead to your mental blocks 
🦋 Align with your spiritual self 
🦋 Accept and love yourself 
🦋 Strengthen your mindset and confidence
🦋 Heal your soul and reach a new level of confidence and inner balance. 

Peaceful Connections

Your journey toward peace, balance, and ultimately healing has to be self-paced. I completely get that and absolutely encourage it. While I'm confident that our services can help you, I'm not here to force anything. Your journey, your time. Here are ways you can take a step and peacefully connect.

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