Start your journey or further your healing with knowledge

We've put together a few resources to help our community either take the first step toward healing or deepen their healing. We believe that when our wellness is equipped with the right tools and knowledge, we can truly become the conscious creators of our lives.

We also believe that being surrounded by support helps us to continue to prioritize our wellness which is why we invite you to join our Facebook Group, Peace Fueled Empowerment.

If you're not finding the information you're looking for in the resources below, then please reach out to us at, or book an Empowerment Call

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Chakra Discovery Guide

Gain an understanding of your seven main Chakras and recognize your emotional states when they are blocked, overactive, or balanced.

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Self-Care Practice Guide

A 14-day guide introducing self-care methods that help maintain healthy, positive energy and continuously prioritize you.

Recover Your Heart

What makes your heart smile? Let's do more of that.

In this self-paced course, rediscover unconditional love of YOU.

The Self-Love Mini-Course takes a deep dive into the Heart Chakra while also touching on the other six main energy-centers in your body. 

You'll learn how to embrace your personal love language, understand what self-love means to you, and prioritize yourself.

This course is coming soon! Sign up to be amongst the first to know when it's released and get a special course discount.

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How Can I Further My Healing?

These resources are the first set of tools along your journey. Knowledge empowers you to take control of your wellness and  become a conscious creator of your life. However, tools alone do not replace the guidance provided in our services.

Furthering your healing means committing to building wellness habits. To get started, we recommend booking an Empowerment Call or visiting us in-person for a Reiki Session.

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