Our Services

Empowered healing for balance, peace, and calm.

Our intuitive, energy-based services guide you along your journey toward inner peace. When you take time for individual or group healing, you are putting yourself first. This supportive style of wellness allows you to do what is best for your soul.

Your journey is one of self-recovery. Find calm with meditation, regain balance with Reiki, and reignite your inner healer.

We offer individual healing services and group guided meditations to best fit where you are on your journey. Explore our services to find your path. With Being Calm Wellness, may you discover mindfulness and a spiritual connection that empowers you.

Whether you are taking the first step in overcoming mental or emotional blocks or continuing a commitment to calm alignment in your life, our supportive empowerment is here for you.

We offer a variety of energetic wellness services including Reiki, Mindset Coaching, and Ayurvedic lifestyle guidance. 

Our sessions are helpful for:

  • people with high-demand jobs

  • those with physically intensive jobs

  • people-pleasers and overachievers

  • mothers-to-be and new parents

  • burnt-out caretakers

  • individuals going through life transitions

  • people overcoming emotional trauma

  • anyone dealing with stress or anxiety 

  • those in a state of recovery

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Group meditation sessions are a wonderful way to find connection in community while elevating and prioritizing yourself. These sessions are guided to help you find a state of relaxation and alignment.

Meditating together helps to:

  • increase levels of empathy and patience

  • decrease levels of stress and overwhelm

  • introduce a sense of harmony 

  • inspire self-care with accountability

  • enhance spiritual connections

Certain guided meditations may also be added to individual Reiki sessions. 

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What Is Reiki?

Energy-Based Healing

Reiki is a Japanese technique that allows you to relax and release the stresses of daily life. It is based on the idea that Universal (Rei) Life Force Energy (Ki) flows through us.

Reiki practitioners are able to channel that energy to you through their hands enlivening your inner healer.

For more questions on Reiki and our services reach out to us at hello@beingcalmwellnes.com.

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Peaceful Connections

Spiritual journeys are more sustainable when they are self-paced. If you're not sure where to begin, then take a small step and choose how to peacefully connect here:

  • Book a 20-minute Empowerment Call to start your healing journey with focus.

  • Get a Chakra Discovery Guide to learn more about the energy in your body. 

  • Join our Peace Fueled Empowerment group on Facebook.