Our Center

We are an energy-based healing center focused on guiding people pleasers, overthinkers, and overachievers along their path toward self-recovery through a unique combination of energy healing, mindset coaching, and Ayurvedic Wellness.

Our Vision

To become an industry-leading guide in the journey toward inner peace.

Our core values are peace, empowerment, and community. We believe that when these three pillars are combined, we can find a transcendent level of balance in our lives.

I'm Jen.

My name is Jennifer Winters, the owner and founder of Being Calm Wellness.


I have had a lifelong connection with energy healing and meditation. I started my practice professionally after going through my own set of traumas in life and having to navigate my way toward inner peace and balance. 

My approach to healing is straightforward authenticity and realness encompassed by genuine compassion. Reiki Healing and a dedication to integrating wellness and self-care in my life, has allowed me to achieve a persistent state of “being calm;” reconnecting and allowing me to guide my own journey. Reiki has completely strengthened my sense of Self by aligning my mind, body, and surroundings with the positive energies that are needed to reach my ultimate goal: peace of mind.


I want my clients and my community to achieve this same level of peace. To do so, I've received a certification as a Reiki Master Teacher and specialize in energy healing, mindset coaching, and overall personal wellness. I have a background in psychology and am currently pursuing my Master's in Ayurvedic Wellness and Integrative Medicine. I also have extensive experience with Transcendental Meditation.

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