Tribe Empowerment

Find healing through community.

Ready to join a community focused on healing and alignment? Joining group classes not only gives you the opportunity to boost your relaxation in an open environment, but it can also provide a gentle introduction to energetic healing if you're not ready for one-on-one.

Open groups are held every Monday and Saturday and are limited to 8 participants. For private sessions with your own tribe, reach out to us

Certain guided meditations may also be added to individual Reiki sessions. See Individual services here


Goal Garden Meditation

A 30-minute group session, including a 15-minute meditation, to set intentions and plant seeds. Emerge feeling empowered and confident with your goals. Offered the first Monday of every month.

Healing Sanctuary Meditation

A 30-minute group session, including a 15-minute guided imagery meditation to help you recognize energetic blocks and move toward a balanced state of calm. Offered weekly on Mondays, excluding the first Monday of every month.

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Reiki Meditation Circle

A 45-minute group session, including a 15-minute guided imagery meditation followed by a brief individual Reiki healing per person. Offered weekly on Saturdays.


Request A Private Group

For friends, family, or professional groups of 5 or more, please reach out to us so we can create a guided meditation curated to your group!

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Upcoming Sessions

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Goal Garden Meditation: 1st Monday of the Month | Healing Sanctuary Meditation: All Other Mondays | Reiki Meditation Circle: Saturdays


Client Reviews

When I first met Jen, she felt like a friend I hadn't seen in years and felt connected to. She is kind, gentle and has a soft, even temper. She helped me increase my own connection with my Higher Power. I love working with her!

- Lauren C.

Peaceful Connections

Spiritual journeys are more sustainable when they are self-paced. If you're not sure where to begin, then take a small step and choose how to peacefully connect here:

  • Book a 20-minute Empowerment Call to start your healing journey with focus.

  • Get a Chakra Discovery Guide to learn more about the energy in your body. 

  • Join our Peace Fueled Empowerment group on Facebook.