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Being Calm Wellness guides people through life’s transitions by helping them relax, release, and reconnect to their purpose.

We focus on internal healing so you can move forward

Have you ever felt stuck in a rut with no explanation? Maybe you have a lot of great ideas running through your mind but they never seem to materialize.


These situations and so many others are signs that either your mindset or your energy is blocking you from moving forward.

Allow Being Calm Wellness to help you FAASH™

FAASH™ is a straight-forward, multimodality approach to support you on your journey to inner peace.

    Find - Align - Accept - Strengthen - Heal    

Helping you commit to positive, ongoing improvements in your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being is our priority.


Here at Being Calm Wellness, we give you the tools, support, and guidance that enable you to FAASH™

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Relax Your Mind

We help heal the mind, body, and spirit on an emotional level. Reiki is a technique that can reduce stress and increase relaxation.

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