You're Here For Peace Fueled Empowerment

Here at Being Calm Wellness, we provide services that help you discover your inner healer. 

Relax with Meditation, Release with Reiki, and Reconnect with You.

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Group Meditations

Join a class or book a private event for a guided imagery meditation in a peaceenvironment.

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Individual Healing

Schedule one-on-one time to focus on your wellness with a Reiki Master Teacher.

Enliven Your Personal Power

Begin your journey by learning the foundations behind your energetic wellness: Chakras.

Chakras are the main energy centers of our body. When balanced, we can experience a peaceful, harmonious life. When blocked or overactive, we can experience mental, emotional, and even physical side effects. This simple guide helps you to recognize a wavering chakra and restore balance.

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I learned to breathe and feel empowered.

You can to.


Client Reviews

When I first met Jen, she felt like a friend I hadn't seen in years and felt connected to. She is kind, gentle and has a soft, even temper. She helped me increase my own connection with my Higher Power. I love working with her!

- Lauren C.