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We believe in peace fueled empowerment.

Being Calm Wellness helps guide people along their path toward self-recovery through a unique combination of energy healing, mindset coaching, and Ayurvedic wellness.


Finding empowerment that is fueled by peace is about true, deep healing and learning to work with, not push through, the darkness into peaceful light in order to become a conscious creator of your life

Enliven Your Personal Power.

I'm Jennifer Winters-Runolfsson. I'm here to help people pleasers, overthinkers, and overachievers find self-recovery and inner peace.

As an Intuitive Energy Practitioner, I specialize in teaching others how to find the peace and balance that has saved my life.


Where are you on your self-recovery journey? Book an Empowerment Call and let's get to know each other.

Illuminate Your Shadows Through Real, Deep, Transformative Self-Care

The Seven Vibrations of The Shadow is a mini-course designed to help you bring light to the shadows of your life by empowering you to identify imbalances and equipping you with the spiritual, mindset, and self-care tools to regain and retain balance.

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Move Forward.

You are not meant to live in fear or darkness or loneliness. You are not meant to feel disconnected, unenergized, or lost. You are not meant to be trapped by mental restlessness.

We are all meant to feel enlivened. To feel whole. To feel like we can always overcome and move forward. 

My services focus on not just finding the light today, but empowering you to be able to find peace and balance day after day. I want you to be confident in choosing what is best for you so that you can feel aligned and enlivened.

Explore our services and see where peace is waiting for you.

Peaceful Connections

Your journey toward peace, balance, and ultimately healing has to be self-paced. I completely get that and absolutely encourage it. While I'm confident that our services can help you, I'm not here to force anything. Your journey, your time. Here are ways you can take a step and peacefully connect.

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An Empowerment Call is a 20-minute call to empower you to recognize where you are in self-recovery and take a step toward peace.

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Our Facebook Group is "Peace Fueled Empowerment". We share more wellness and self-care tips, special mediations, and more to support your journey.