Individual Empowerment

Discover inner calm with one-on-one healing tailored to fit your journey

Are you feeling anxious? Do you find yourself lacking confidence? Maybe you are wanting to be a healthier you... Reiki and Ayurvedic-based wellness sessions can help identify the root of these imbalances, creating a path toward alignment spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Our one-on-one services focus on helping you discover and empower your inner calm. This energy-based healing is meant to rebalance blocked or overactive Chakras, alleviate tension, and promote positive energy.  

We offer a variety of sessions depending on where you are in your healing journey. Virtual services are also offered for clients who are unable to join us at our office in Massapequa, New York.

In-Person & Virtual Services:

Reiki Healing Session - 1st Time Clients

A 90-minute session focused on understanding your pain points and providing energetic healing for relaxation and balance. 

Reiki Healing Session - Returning Clients

A 60-minute session focused on continuing your healing journey to encourage ongoing peace and balance.

Regain & Retain Reiki Session

A 60-minute Reiki session followed by a 30-minute mindset coaching session with a personalized Ayurvedic action plan to help you regain balance and retain it.


Cord Cutting Healing Series

A series of 3 healing sessions to release you from negative energetic connections that have developed from unhealthy influences or experiences.

Reiki Healing Session with Goal Garden Meditation

Add a 10-minute meditation to the end of your Reiki session to set intention, align your energy with your goals, and plant seeds of growth.

Virtual-Only Services:

Empowerment Call

A 20-minute session to create clarity and focus for your healing journey. Best for those who have questions on how to begin their healing journey.


Client Reviews

When I first met Jen, she felt like a friend I hadn't seen in years and felt connected to. She is kind, gentle and has a soft, even temper. She helped me increase my own connection with my Higher Power. I love working with her!

- Lauren C.

Peaceful Connections

Spiritual journeys are more sustainable when they are self-paced. If you're not sure where to begin, then take a small step and choose how to peacefully connect here:

  • Book a 20-minute Empowerment Call to start your healing journey with focus.

  • Get a Chakra Discovery Guide to learn more about the energy in your body. 

  • Join our Peace Fueled Empowerment group on Facebook.